"The Sleep Wellness Doctor® Program provides AASM sleep specialists with Money-Back GUARANTEED RESULTS: New Patients & Physician Referrals™. SWD is CHEAP & EFFECTIVE. 2 New Patients Weekly Can Pay for the Program. Your CREATIVE SWD Marketing will be PERSONALIZED for your practice.
We invite you to be our Sleep Wellness Doctor® Licensee in your exclusive area."

  • Bottom-Line Benefits. Years of growth and profit with a nominal investment
  • No Hassle. We do All the work while you focus on patients
  • For New Patients: SleepWellnessDoctor®com with your practice's direct link
  • For Targeted Physician Referrals: Monthly Direct Contact to your Target List
  • View Our 3-Minute Video  swd-video.com
  • Details, Pricing & Guarantee  SleepWellnessLicensing.com
  • Contact  SleepWellnessLicensing@gmail.com 833.888.1295 100 E. Whitestone Blvd., Ste. 148-114, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Your Program Will Include

NEW PATIENTS. Internet Solutions

SleepWellnessDoctor®com Comprehensive Website and Search Engine Optimization- 24/7/365

Everything Sleep® & 25-Ways To Improve Sleep™ - self-help information on the site

Providing Free Medical Advice on our site helps create patients for you

Google AdWords Ads* targeted to your exclusive area linking to your practice

Interactive Website Listing - Your practice’s contact link on the SWD site

TARGETED PHYSICIANS. Direct Monthly Contact

Introductory Launch Packet - announcement, brochures, mouse-pad, signage

Personalized Materials original designs featuring a single subject- snoring, etc.

  • Newspaper Ads - for patients and physicians in your local paper*
  • Direct Mail Postcards matching the image in the newspaper ad

Branded, High-Quality Desk Items for Daily Presence - one each year


$33 daily, $1,000 Monthly Marketing Fee for 50 Targeted Physicians, Annual Licensing Fee of $1000

$50 daily, $1,500 Monthly Marketing Fee for 75 Targeted Physicians & Annual Licensing Fee of $1500

$67 daily, $2,000 Monthly Marketing Fee for 100 Targeted Physicians & Annual Licensing Fee of $2000

Payments due 15th of preceding month via Viewpost email bank-to-bank transfers The Small Print. *AdWords expenditures may increase if responses are strong; and newspaper costs are dependent upon your paper

Money-Back GUARANTEED RESULTS. 90% of the Marketing Fees you pay is invested for you in internet optimization and advertising and direct contact materials. If you’re disatisfied with your results after the first year you may cancel, and receive a refund of the Consulting Fees that you have paid, which is 10% of the Marketing Fees.

CREATIVE MONTHLY MARKETING - Customized for Your Local Newspaper & Direct Mail

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